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The Sarcoidosis Family Foundation Website provides information on a rare disease called Sarcoidosis.

We invite you to click the link below and enter the site. While there you can view or sign our Foundation Forum guestbook (currently having difficulty with), learn about the disease or visit many other pages loaded with information.
Status of the Site
Our popular Foundation Forum has been down alot lately. Apparently there is a glitch between our hosting service and the service that provides the forum for us. I am working on this, health permitting, and hope to have it up and running again soon. Thank you for visiting us today and come back often.
This site is updated regularly. Please visit often!

Are You A Newly Diagnosed Patient?
We hope you find the information you are looking for. You possibly arrived here because you are a newly diagnosed sarcoidosis patient. If this is the case, please visit as much of the site as possible. The more knowledge you have the more power you have to confront your disease. You may also want to visit the links page and go to some other sarcoid sites and learn even more. Good luck and good health!


Why Mayo Clinic?

We highly suggest the Mayo Clinic for all medical needs, not just for Sarcoidosis. Why? From personal experience. I have been there numerous times and find that there reputation is well deserved. We also suggest their website for information.

Mayo Clinic Website

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